Today cushioned furniture from the Factory Alice -Furniture is becoming more popular. This fact is easily explained. The main advantage that we provide is the possibility of practical use of the corner of the room. Direct sofa is not so comfortable for these purposes, and it is not very harmonious in the corner, especially if the room is large. But the double corner sofa fits in the corner well, thus allowing you to use each square meter of the room to maximum advantage.

Alice- Furniture offers a large corner sofas and compact models. They can be equipped with different mechanisms of transformation. Corner sofa with a sleeping place is an excellent choice for the living room and bedroom. It is equipped with a reliable mechanism of transformation. Double sofa is perfect for daily use as a bed. The models with storage compartment allow neatly folded the bed linen do not involved extra space.

Are you interested in corner sofas from the manufacturer? So we recommend you to pay attention to the products which is offered by Alice Furniture Factory. This furniture is produced in Ukraine, and it is characterized by the beauty, reliability, practicality and a wide choice of models.

Soft corner sofas from our factory are characterized by a large range of shapes, colors and types of upholstery that can satisfy the most demanding customer. If you are interested in corner furniture, photos of products, you can study in the catalog. We sell various models of the sofas, so everyone can choose a variant which he likes.

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