The furniture factory “Alise Mebel” is a producer of the quality furniture in Ukraine since 2004.

We guarantee the high quality, the quick production’s term, the professionalism of our staff and service.

The furniture factory “Alise Mebel” is a relatively young but a prospective producer.

Our product is a high quality furniture at the reasonable prices. In assortment there is both upholstered and cabinet furniture for the house.

The models of “Alice Mebel” reflect current trends of furniture industry.

The factory’s production exceeds the quality of goods in comparison with furniture of  the largest manufactures of Ukraine and significantly leads in “price “ and “quality”. By a comparative analysis of the domestic producers were identified such characteristics as stable quality of our furniture, modern design, ideal ergonomics. (The Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that studies human interaction with other elements.)

The quality of our products is confirmed by the conclusions of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise. Constantly our furniture is tested. The factory is equipped with modern equipment that allows us to produce furniture with the proper standards.

The furniture factory “Alise Mebel” takes a worthy place among the leading factories for the production of upholstered furniture not only in the region but also on the whole territory of Ukraine. For many years the company has established the close business relations with many regions. In the section “contacts” you can find the list of our regional partners.

We keep abreast of the time and have designed the new models of furniture that you would feel comfort with our modest product! We increase the range of our products. In the category of “novelties” you can always find a new model, new design and new trends in the furniture industry.

Our furniture is a combination of quality and affordable prices. Thanks to a wide model range of offered products we can satisfy all the demands and wishes of any customer. We are constantly searching the new models of furniture that are in demand by the consumers and follow the new trends and technologies in the world of design.

We are developing for you!